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The aim of the project is to make explicit that which is a common occurrence in daily life, but rarely examined while in the moment:

the influence that others — both in presence and absence — exert on our perceptions of both the self and others


The Self vs Other installation incorporates user-submitted anonymous thoughts that are attached to participants in 3D space through projection mapping.

The thoughts are randomly assigned to participants from a collection stored in the website’s database as they interact with the piece by walking through the mapped space.

We were particularly inspired by the existential works of Sartre and Camus and their examination of the self vs the other -- specifically the influence that others have on the individual sense of identity.


In Jean Paul Sartre’s existential work, “Nausea”, he introduces the idea that the banal nature of the objects that surround us encroach on our ability to singularly define ourselves.

Albert Camus’ novel, “The Stranger”, exemplifies someone succumbing to Sartre’s nausea by ceasing to push back against his circumstance, and, in effect, is transformed into one of the banal objects he was fighting against.

Self vs Other is built around the concepts both philosophers present in resisting the pressure to conform, and provides a safe venue for participants to share an exploration of where the existential other exists in our lives.


Synching programming languages and technological platforms/hardware for artistic appropriation